Arthur's 1st Birthday // GIVE A BUCK //

By Marin Rymer

My beautiful boy Arthur Forest is turning ONE! On 19 June, he'll reach this milestone. Already. wtf?! I thought I'd do a giveaway to celebrate, but decided on a "reverse" giveaway - you, our lovely Insta friends, are invited to give away ONE dollar to the AWL instead of entering to win prizes yourself.

So what's in it for you? Just the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get helping doggies in need! And knowing you've participated in Arthur's birthday celebration. Yay!

And it's just a dollar* - we can all do that.

We have over 1,000 followers on Instagram and consistently reach hundreds of accounts, so hopefully we can raise a bit of money to help the AWL get those sweet pups through the cold, miserable winter months.

Maybe it's easier to like, share, and tag, and you just don't give a fuck about this. Fine! The question is... It's Arthur's birthday: will you give a BUCK?!

Our fundraising page will be open from 9am Monday 19 June until 9pm Friday 23 June so you have time to get on and give.

*$1 donations, specifically, are sought in honour of Arthur turning one/giving a buck, but you can of course give any amount.

Thanks so much for being a part of our Insta gang and watching the big fella grow!

Marin and Arthur

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Connie Lee

Happy birthday Arthur! Love Connie and Phoenix



Happy first Birthday Arthur! What a wonderful way to celebrate, thank you 💚 Dani & Chase


The Potato Barkery

Happy birthday Arthur! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!


Susanne Müller

Such a beautiful idea to celebrate Arthur’s birthday, so obviously we had to support you. Hope you have the best day ever 🥳🧡 Pete & Mum


Jacinta R

Lots of love from Lemonade and Peppermint


Zoe Potts

Happy birthday Arthur!


Marin Rymer

HB my boy!